Interceptive orthodontics for kids

The purpose of interceptive orthodontics is to eliminate or reduce the severity of developing dental problems in children. Just as important, interceptive orthodontics can save you time, money and future discomfort by correcting problems early.

Malocclusion (failure of the upper and lower teeth to meet properly) can be reduced or eliminated. So can the complexity of future orthodontic treatment, overall treatment time and cost.

We can also correct moderate to severe tooth crowding, ectopic tooth eruptions and front and rear crossbites with early interceptive orthodontic treatment.

Interceptive orthodontics can even improve a young patient’s self-esteem. We guide the eruption and development of permanent teeth as an integral part of our pediatric care.

Our goal is to help bring about a permanent smile that is harmonious, functional and esthetically pleasing for you and your child.

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